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Family Legacy Consultant GroupYour family enterprise, your wealth, your values…

How will they be intentionally cultivated today?
How will they be transferred to your heirs?

* Do you have an agreed-upon process to handle the inevitable challenges in your family?

* Do you have a vision of generational transition for your family?

* Is that vision known and shared by family members?

* Are your holiday and family gatherings free from unresolved tension?

* Does everyone in the family understand their current and future roles and accept the requirements of those roles?

Family Legacy Consultant Group can help!

We are:

* Professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in working with families.

* Dedicated to helping families in business/wealth transition and post-transition phases.

* Committed to your privacy and confidentiality as a family


A Proven Process for Family Leadership
and Family Identity Development

Family Legacy1by Design

Definition ~ Discovery

A Private Briefing


Family Legacy2by Design

Cultivation ~ Growth

Resources and Assistance to Continue the Process



Where does our family start?

Invest in your family with

Family Legacy1by Design

Definition ~ Discovery

A Private Briefing

* Define Legacy – Vision

* Explain how Family Legacy – Vision guides family business/wealth transition

* Identify generational perspectives

* Provide assessment tools for discovery in your family

* Combine family interaction with cutting edge technological processes

* Demonstrate how we help prepare heirs

* Identify Family, Business, Foundation, Wealth issues as appropriate

* Map out action steps

Family Legacy2by Design

Cultivation ~ Growth

* Strengthening Trust and Communication

* Implementing Preparation of Heirs

* Practicing Family Legacy – Vision

* Resolving Family, Business, Foundation, Wealth issues as defined and discovered

* Map out action steps


How do I find out more?

Call Family Legacy Consultant Group today. You can start the purposeful effort to lead your family.


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