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Your Role as Senior Generation

Resources to Lead instead of Control

Grant D Goodvin J.D.

Who will lead your family?

© Grant D Goodvin

The dynamics of a family with a business and/or with a foundation/wealth transition takes this question to a deeper level.  On a family level, the parents or senior generation occupy the natural position of leaders.  However, add a business, foundation or wealth transition element to the equation and the relationships are subject to forces and change that seem insurmountable.

A typical approach is to ignore some of the critical issues that will emerge.  Ignoring these issues might have the appearance of peace and the nurturing that should occur but sooner or later, the reality of unresolved tension or conflict will target the ones you love, the ones you are trying to protect, the ones you are trying to lead.  Family members will have legitimate but different perspectives.  You can provide the leadership to demonstrate how these perspectives can be combined with hope, purpose and unity.

As parents, founders or the senior generation, you have the unique potential to lead your family into realms they only dream about.  A family vision is based on a dream that hasn't happened yet but is being formed.  The existence of the complexities of a business and wealth can be transformed into a rock, a foundation that helps protect your family.  It can help your family acquire skills that are not only marketable but are indispensable in relating to family, business associates, advisors and friends.  The capacity of your family to provide strength to those who come into contact with you is unmatched.  You are able to live in the realm of lofty ideals and worthy values rather than the confusion of rivalries and conflict.

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