GDGEaglesmGrant gave a presentation for the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference.  He has given several presentations at Pepperdine University concerning how to help families make a successful transition of both a Family Enterprise System and wealth transition to heirs.  Grant is a reviewer for USASBE┬« (United States Association for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship┬«)  Family Legacy Consultant Group is unmatched in services provided by a family business consultant group.  We know family business consulting.

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With over 25 years of experience, Grant Goodvin has developed a passion for helping keep families united and their family business perpetually viable. (We use the term 'Family Enterprise System' to describe the relationship between family, family business and ownership.) This is the reason he founded Family Legacy Consultant Group based in Wichita, Kansas and offers relevant family business consulting and wealth transition services on a national scale. Grant helps each member of the family business understand his/her individual value. In addition, he assists the family in establishing long-term strategies to help each family member prepare for their current and future roles. Grant's background has equipped him to evaluate current communication within the family business and to strengthen openness and trust within the family.

Grant graduated from law school in 1978. He practiced law for 8 years. Since 1978, he was involved in several family businesses. The businesses ranged from manufacturing and construction to insurance, advertising and real estate development.

Grant has experienced the dynamics of working with parents, children, siblings and extended family. He knows and understands the conflicts and successes of working with family. His experience has helped him hear the inside language of numerous families.

Grant has a professional alliance with several persons who have competence in a variety of disciplines.  We can assemble an optimized team to address your specific challenges.

Grant helps bring the vision of a family business that is blessed to be a blessing through gratitude and purposeful living.

Contact Grant today (click here) or call (316) 650-6736 to determine how Family Legacy Consultant Group can help you have tension-free family gatherings AND an enterprise (family, family business, foundations, wealth transition) that works.

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