At Family Legacy Consultant Group, our culture is based on human experience, interaction, confidentiality, respect and an ongoing commitment to personal and professional growth. Our business acts as a confidential strategic partner and trusted advisor for family-owned enterprises. Family Legacy Consultant Group is always accepting applications.

Currently, we do not have any posted career opportunities.

We encourage potential candidates to apply using our contact form by clicking here.

Potential candidates possess a combination of the following attributes:

  •  Exemplary historic professional ethics
  •  Experience with privately-owned independent businesses (ideally family-based businesses)
  •  A background in Legal, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Psychology or Business
  •  Interest in ongoing personal development and learning
  •  Exceptional communication skills
  •  Commitment to detail
Parents-Founders/Senior Generation
How you can lead your family into processes that strengthens each member
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Younger Generation - Heirs
How do you overcome the frustration that you are not in control of your life
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Are you experiencing a crisis in your family business
How can we overcome being in constant crisis management in our family
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