Below are links to companies and organizations that are worthy of your attention.

GrandsMatter is the source of all things involving grandparenting.  Articles, videos and conferences for grandparents.  Also, when you join GrandsMatter you get an automatic membership in American Seniors Association which has premium benefits for seniors.


Baseline Creative is a family owned, technologically savvy company to help you with marketing in the traditional arena (brochures, catalogs, business cards etc.) and the internet (web page design, email marketing etc.).

Baseline Creative

Consumer Search is a product review site for many office and home related products.  It is one of the first places I start when evaluating a product for purchase.


Parents-Founders/Senior Generation
How you can lead your family into processes that strengthens each member
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Younger Generation - Heirs
How do you overcome the frustration that you are not in control of your life
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Are you experiencing a crisis in your family business
How can we overcome being in constant crisis management in our family
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