Family Legacy Consultant Group LogoFamilies in business or with investments ask, "How can we, as a family, overcome the 70% failure rate of business and wealth transitions to future generations?" Family Legacy Consulting Group (FLCG) offers nationally a range of key services to help your family overcome the obstacles that contribute to such a high rate of failure. FLCG knows the factors that are involved in the success and failure of family business/wealth transitions. Our knowledge is not theoretical or speculative.

FLCG has access to expertise in a variety of family and business disciplines, leading to workable solutions. We use the term 'Family Enterprise System' to describe the interlocking components of family, ownership and business/investments.

Some of our services include: 

  • Strategic Family Enterprise Planning
  • Family Enterprise Coaching
  • Preparation of each family member for their role in the Family Enterprise System
  • Clarifying Career Development Goals of Family Members
  • Helping Communication within the Family Enterprise System
  • Clarifying and Perpetuating the Family Vision and Family Legacy 
  • Mentoring
  • Establishing Peace at Family Gatherings
  • Speaking at Family Retreats and Family Business Seminars

Family Legacy Consultant Group has developed a 2 stage approach that serves most families in business, foundations, wealth transition.  This personal and private process helps provide the family immediate hope and purpose in the midst of uncertainty and doubts.


Family Legacy1by Design


Definition ~ Discovery
A Private Briefing

ü  Defining Legacy – Vision

ü  How Family Legacy – Vision can guide family transitions

ü  Identify generational perspectives

ü  Assessment tools for discovery in your family

ü  Combining family interaction with cutting edge technological processes

ü  Examples of how we help prepare heirs

ü  Identify Family, Business, Foundation, Wealth issues as appropriate

ü  Mapping out action steps


  Family Legacy2by Design

Cultivation ~ Growth
Resources and Assistance to continue the Process 


ü Strengthening Trust and Communication
ü Implementing Preparation of Heirs
ü Practicing Family Legacy – Vision
ü Resolving Family, Business, Foundation, Wealth issues as defined and discovered


Parents-Founders/Senior Generation
How you can lead your family into processes that strengthens each member
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Younger Generation - Heirs
How do you overcome the frustration that you are not in control of your life
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Are you experiencing a crisis in your family business
How can we overcome being in constant crisis management in our family
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